Proctor-Face recognition

Face recognition and authentication​

Visual recognition and Continuous online student authentication and monitoring system using neural network algorithms via webcam, and another USB pluggable cameras or Smart phone camera connected via QR code​
Proctor- voice-wave-760

Voice detection​

Proctor software can detect and report any abnormal voice to detect violations to the rules during the exam​

Automated Desktop monitoring

Automatic computer monitoring, a web application that detects all the activities performed by the students on their computers for example, copy-paste, the student covers the webcam, etc.​

Online & Offline proctoring​

Being offline isn’t a hinder to complete the exam, in some territories internet connection may be very low, or even go down while the exam, Proctor software can do the job both online and offline with the same quality.


A Second camera (360°)​

360° Proctoring, Proctor uses a second Camera​


Access to Student’s Smart phone camera connected via QR code with the original webcam.

A USB pluggable camera connected to the same device the exam is performed on 


Keystroke recognition

Our neural network can recognize the student’s typing pattern & keyboard behavior and create a special signature profile for the student. Then, it links the student activities during the course or the exam to his signature profile.

This allows a continuous online student authentication and monitoring using keystroke recognition. 

This service will enhance both Exam proctoring and homework formative assessment and rubrics objective assessment. f


User behavior recognition​

Mouse behavior, Can detect if the student cheats from the same machine or from other virtual machines, detect anomalies, and detect engagements.​


Building your own exam inside our proctor software​

You can build your own exam inside our software, then it will be proctored and graded automatically. Currently, the examiner can build checkboxes or multiple choice exams, true or false, essay exams, and short text response exams. In the next few weeks: Open Book, File submission Exam, An oral exam, Visual matching drag and drop, Clickable images. ​

proctor-proctoring system

On-campus proctoring​

Our system is able to use the exam halls camera as the second camera to proctor the students’ on-campus.



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